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~*~Das Leben ist nur ein Hauch in der Unendlichkeit der Zeit~*~

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Lonely angel

(es handelt sich hier um einen Songtext zu "professional cinderella" von corinna fugate)

Loneliness passing by,
the memories won't seem to die.
I shut the door,
go outside,
but there is still,
no chance to hide.

I can't find,
a place where I'm home again,
no one sees me crying,
no one senses the pain.

Lonely angel,
God has dismissed me,
will there ever be once, one happy ending?

Lonely angel,
waiting for salvation,
Will there ever be once one happy ending?

Walking through, lonely streets,
I'm trying to lose, all my memories.

Heaven is closed, no prayer to pray
no chance to die, we have to stay.

To live,
the vagueness,
of real love and life.

Lonely angel,
God has dismissed me,
will there ever be once, one happy ending?

Lonely angel,
waiting for salvation,
Will there ever be once one happy ending?

Chorus (2.Mal):
Lonely angel,
God has dismissed me,
will there ever be once, one happy ending?

Lonely angel,
I'm still waiting,
will there ever be once one happy ending - to me.


das Gedicht ist schon alt, ich habe es zufällig "wiedergefunden" in einem Forum... Eigentlich ist es nicht mal ein wirkliches Gedicht, sondern einfach eine Aneinanderreihung an Gedanken, dennoch poste ich es hier mal...

Time passes by,
day by day,
Light fades away
no corner to hide,
no need to cry
but still the pain I feel inside.

Sweet sorrow,
glimmering passion in painfull darkness,
bitter emotions leading still to a glimpse of hope.

Life's gonna go,
days will pass by,
the sun will rise,
raindropps will fall - tears in my disturbed world
of drea´ms and sorrows
still being an illusion of how life really is.

But what is reality?
People killing each other?
Children walking through the fire of the destrustion of our world,
not being noticed?
Lies, betrayal... - is that reality? Is that life?

So what sense does ist make?
- To live?
- To die?
- To cry a single tear for this world?

Why should a world like this go on existing,
bringing just more sorrow and pain and death?
Even the white dove, flying with the devils wings
will never bring the expected freedom.
- No piece at all!-
- Only death
- Only destruction
- Is that the way life is?

I've lost my illusions, my idealism, my dreams...
- so what is it worth living for,
knowing at all, that nothing will change.
- Nothing
ca. Apr. 2005


Habe mich endlich mal aufgerafft ein Gedicht zu posten...
Ist zwar schon etwas älter, aber neuere gibt es im Augenblick nicht.... Ich habe es damals für meinen Großvater geschrieben -kurz nachdem er gestorben ist.


The time has come, to say goodbye,
to leave everything behind me,
shut the door, go away,
I know I have to go.

There’s no place, where I could hide,
think about the things that happened,
there’s still the pain I feel inside,
and it will not go away.

Silent tears falling down,
wish they would wash away my sorrows,
lonely days passing by,
how shall I go on tomorrow.

I still try to understand,
why you had to turn away now,
there’s no chance to forget,
all the time we had together.

Life goes on, day by day,
and there’s no moment I don’t think of you,
but I know, that I have
to on again.

I shut the door, close my eyes,
cry the last tears of my sorrow,
seal my heart, to keep it safe,
never lose the memories.

The words to say, have been said,
and all the tears, have been cried now,
I’ll go on, you will stay,
but that’s the way it is.

One more kiss, a last goodbye,
now it’s lost and gone forever,
I turn around, go my way,
never look behind.

- I know, I have to go.
gewidmet B. Wilner
rest in peace


iat schon etwas älter aber ich höffe es gefällt euch trotzdem


I am sitting here,
drowning in an ocean of my own tears,
losing all my faith,
that things might become better someday

As the light fades away,
I see my life passing by

Too many tears were cried,
too much pain had to be endured... My heart was broken long ago...

I’m tired
tired of resisting,
tired of crying,
... tired of life

I can still see the shore,
A distant realm of happiness

I know I could try to reach it,
but what for?
There is nothing anymore, worth living for

So I’ll wait for my life
coming to an end;
for my doom to be fulfilled,
only hoping for the end to come soon


I´m sorry
for all the words I said,
they were a lie;
for all the things I did,
they were wrong;
for our lovestory having a bitter end.

We are not friends,
we never were,
and we´ll never be!

I tried to fool you,
I tried to fool myself,
I could not beleve in what I felt;
but it´s true.

I know that´s the end,
after things will be said
there won´t be a chance to step back.

But I have to tell you.
The time has come,
it´s destiny
It´s time to fulfil my fate.

So much time has passed,
ist is so long ago,
but still,
I love you
and I will love you forever.



Brennende Flügel in tiefschwarzer Nacht,
einzig Symbol in der Einsamkeit,
ein fallender Engel, vergessen, verlacht,
verdammt zur ew'gen Unsterblichkeit.

Einsamer Wanderer ohne Pfad,
ohne Gefühl und ohne Leben,
umringt von Schatten, keinen Rat,
ohne die Kraft nach Liebe zu streben.

Brennende Sehnsucht nach Geborgenheit,
führt Schritt für Schritt zum gleißenden Licht,
doch in der Sanduhr verrinnt schon die Zeit,
das Leben so in den Händen zerbricht.

Was bleibt ist ein Nichts umringt von Schatten,
der Rest einer traurigen Illusion,
und das, was die Sterne einst inne hatten,
ist versenkt in einem Meer aus Tränen und Hohn.


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